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Meet Tepsii

Fostering the rebirth and revival of influential brands

Hey, I'm Tepsii: Agency owner, copywriter, consultant, coach, child of God, and co-founder of risereign.co

Well, because my words, my strategy, and my influence will make you money. And money, honey, that’s what makes the world go-’round.

Client Love

$54k USD in Four Days!

“Tepsii’s copy made me $54k in the first four days of my launch and have made $75k to date! She is amazing to work with, pays attention to detail, and goes above and beyond for me as her client.”

Fabiola - Brnding Genius & Biz Coach

$20 USD k Months + Sold Out Programs

“Tepsii’s approach is one of a kind. After working with Tepsii I got so much clearer on my ideal client. She spent so much time figuring out what I really wanted. The copy she wrote for my website was so amazing that I sold out my group program right away and am achieving $20k revenue months. I got so many compliments on my website, people kept asking who wrote my copy! Tepsii has a talent for discovering something in you that you don’t even know you have. After working with Tepsii I know myself so much deeper, working with her was so beneficial. I’m very blessed and honored to know and work with Tepsii. She’s very profound and makes an effort to get to know me and my ideal clients better than I know them.

Daria, Biz Coach

My first $5k USD Month!

I had my first 5k month, attracted a celeb client, and was able to move from being a full-time mom to taking over bills when my hubby was temporarily between jobs!

Kelly, Copywriter

About Tepsii

I’m Tepsii, my besties invite me to speak and coach in their communities because I'm a world-renowned and internationally acclaimed author and copywriter.

My Expertise

I’m known as a

  • public speaker
  • business consultant
  • business/life coach; and,
  • strategist for online entrepreneurs, coaches, and corporations.

As the co-founder of Rise and Reign, my consultancy works to cultivate and brand leaders within corporate teams working with multi-national corporations in the USA and South Africa.

My Past Life

I’ve been an entrepreneur since 2014 and before that, I was a sought-after professional writer for 12 years. After graduating from a rigorous bachelor’s of science I worked in project management and documentation in technical, scientific, software engineering, and aviation spaces. I've also consulted for teams working for White House comms and the U.S. Military (#secret nerd)!

My Missuin

I'm here to help entrepreneurs and corporations attract more clients and increase their profits. I hold social entrepreneurship and community development in my heart. Through my NPO we work on food distribution and women’s empowerment programs.