How to Work with a 6 Figure Copywriter

So you’ve been checking out different copywriters. You’ve read their blogs, joined their facebook groups, and watched their periscopes.

Now you’re thinking about taking that first plunge toward your soulful six-figure future. You’re ready to bring it to the next level, and you really wanna pull the trigger, book that discovery call, and hire your dream writer.

But, you’re a still little stuck, and you’re sitting somewhere in limbo between your huge dreams and a killer business concept.

Before you do anything else, you know you need to start building your public presence. That means:

  1. writing killer Facebook posts,
  2. creating compelling emails,
  3. crafting catchy tweets,
  4. writing 6-figure copy for your blog, your site, and your sales pages
  5. Broadcasting on video. My favorite is Periscope, but you can choose to run webinars, and make YouTube videos. (Why video? After your audience sees you and hears your words they’ll have a sense of ‘knowing you.’ Then later when they read your words (copy) it’ll be an instant connection.

So, you sit down to write and there it is! You’ve got a blank page and a blinking cursor staring back at you. It’s almost as if you’re being mocked.

That’s when you’ll do what comes naturally. You log onto Facebook and browse for a while, shop online for some shoes, browse some other websites for inspiration. When you realize that you still haven’t found the inspiration to write to your heart’s delight, you start to feel slightly depressed.

How will you get going if you’re stuck there? Well, I have some tips on how to write better here. If those don’t get you moving, then maybe it’s time to let a copywriter rip the monkey off your back and free you up to do what you do best: bring your share your gift with your ideal clients and make lots of money!

So, you’re wondering…what’s it actually like to work with a copywriter? Where would we start? What’s our process?

First and foremost, my primary objective with you will be to make you money. (Like I always say, that soulful stuff is nice and all. But… You can’t eat it, wear it, or pay rent with it, can you?) I want your ideal clients to connect and BUY that hot offer you’ve got!

Though, it’s not all altruistic. Because, when you do well, I do well. I want to help you realize your dream of achieving financial security, taking that fantasy vacation, searching your soul on a year-long sabbatical…that elusive goal that gets you out of bed in the morning. So we will embark on a journey to attract, connect, and lock-in your dream clients.

I want your clients to know they’re connecting with you whether they’re browsing your Home or About page, or Skyping or meeting with you in person. My process ensures that everything I write for you expresses you!  It will be shaped into a delicious format to attract and lock in your dream clients.

So, What’s it Like to Work With Me?

Before we can get started, we’ll have a Clarity Call to make sure our personalities gel, and also that we’re on the same page about your goals for your business and life. (Yup, I’m concerned about your life, honey.)

If we’re a good fit and decide that it’s all systems go then here’s what we’ll do:

A) I’ll ask you to do is sign a client agreement with my terms. This usually includes everything I want you to know about our relationship, payment terms (I build in a commission based on the number of sales as well), copyright terms (on payment and delivery you own it, I request credit in the footer), and many other things.

B) Next, you’ll complete a questionnaire to build the basic framework: what’s your business concept? Who are your dream clients and what do they look like? What’s keeping them up at night? What solution do you have to offer them?

C) After that, I’ll use this framework to create a VIP deep-dive intensive experience for you (expect it to last 2-3 hours). This is an in-depth private workshop allowing me to really crawl inside your head, heart and soul so I can become fluent in your voice. How? Well, I’m a trained life coach, so I draw from those techniques. I’m really interested in finding out what makes you that I can speak in your authentic voice. That voice will be genuine, but persuasive and compelling enough to make your prospects buy! (I know what you’re thinking. What the heck’s this deep dive like, darn it?!)

D) Well, we’ll start with some relaxation techniques: yoga, deep breathing, physical movement exercises designed to loosen up your filters and unleash your creative self.

I want you to understand that this process is not business as usual or another day at the office for you. In fact, it’s not even “work.” Honey, the work is all on me. This is relaxation and spa time for you.

Once you’re completely relaxed, we’ll start talking and laughing. I’ll lead you through an exploration to encourage your stream of consciousness to flow. That’s how I’ll discover your deepest self, learn who you are, and find out what your ultimate vision looks like.

Together we’ll move through you fears and obstacles and discover who you are in your heart of hearts.

That’s where your strongest visions are born and it’s also where they start to take shape.

What will it be like when it’s all said and done?

“Phew, that just felt like 10 years of business and emotional therapy condensed into just a few hours. I really loved it Tepsii.”

Aandra Bohlen, Biz Coach of

“Before I started working with Tepsii, I struggled to identify my ideal client at a deep level. I was floating around in the vague, and it was negatively affecting my business results. Plus, it was super frustrating! I could never articulate it when people asked and I was attracting the wrong kind of client. I was even building products that were attracting the wrong client. After spending time with Tepsii in our Deep Dive session, she asked so many amazing questions that allowed me to really get to know my ideal client; that person that I REALLY wanted to work with. I have been holding myself back from stepping into what I really want, but after spending this time with her, I am ready to own it. Awesome session Tepsii, thank you!! Lisa Rehurek, Business Coach,


My clients tell me that they emerge from their V.I.P. sessions with a renewed soul feeling ready to move forward in their business with purpose, enthusiasm, and love.

And best of all, at the end we’ll probably become besties! Without a doubt, my clients are some of my favorite humans alive!

As your Copywriter, I serve as your profitable, persuasive channel. I put in the time, attention, and emotional energy to get in your head so that I can literally think with your mind, feel with your heart, bring out your authentic voice and speak fluently in your words.

E) Once we’ve returned from this journey of exploration, it’s time for me to get going on your drafts.

Again, you sit back and enjoy the ride! This is my chance to wow you with how well I understand you and your program! You won’t need to give me much if any input once I know you this well.

Of course, you’ll get your draft to review and make sure we’ve captured everything you want to convey.

F) If you want this process to go well, you need to make yourself available to take an in-depth look at your copy. This is your livelihood, after all, isn’t it?

You’ll provide me comments in Google Docs (not edits, I’m freaking crazy about this! I go so far as to lock the document so that you can’t give edits! Because every word, every sentence, and every paragraph on your page is placed there strategically! Move it and you will break the formula and fudge up the persuasion sequence we’re taking the buyer through.)

I like to call this your “soulwork,” not homework – because it’s as fun and exciting as a girls night out, not stiff and boring like writing that 38th Powerpoint slide for your quarterly presentation when you’re the ONLY one left in the office…and then the cleaning crew starts vacuuming around your feet as if you don’t exist…

All done! Now for the result, once we’ve reviewed and reworked your copy, you’ll have a fully integrated web presence that captivates dream clients who land on your page. The goal is to take them through a buyer’s journey. Your buyer will go from knowing nothing about you to understanding exactly how you work with people, why you designed your concept, and the unique value your service delivers for them. 

Here’s what three of my dream clients had to say after working together:

“I made $54k in 4 days and my higher priced program sold out first using Tepsii’s copy, she’s a genius!” – Fabiola Giordani, Business Coach and Branding Strategist

“My new program sold out a month early and I get more compliments on my copy than anything else on my website.” – Daria Zest
– Success Coach

“Tepsii’s one of the best business decisions I’ve made all year, and she truly understands my ideal clients. Tepsii supported me in 3 high dollar launches this year including Brand Your Passions, which generated over $75,000. She has also written my coaching page, homepage, and about page. Tepsii is my go to Copywriter and a key member of my business team!!!” – Carolin Soldo, Success Coach and Marketing Expert

Just like Fabiola, Daria, and Carolin, your copy will make you money by:

  • speaking directly to your ideal clients,
  • resonating so deeply they’ll wonder if you’re a mind reader, and
  • communicating the inherent value they’ll get by investing with you in a way that motivates them to buy.

Before you invest in this kind of service make sure that the person you partner with is as passionate and committed as you are about your business. Don’t just price shop because in many instances you will get what you paid for and a deeper investment usually means more experience with launching and writing to convert clicks to cash.

Me? I’m here to help you rock it with authenticity using the exclusive formulas I’ve developed to hook your ultimate dream clients.

You ready? Let’s do this thing, love! Check out how you can work with me here: http:///

p.s. Got questions about the process? Comment down below, and share this with your besties, you’re not the only one wondering how this works!