You’re here

because you’re ready

to make money – like big money

So you can sip latte’s in the coffee shop, go on every single field trip with your kids, or sleep in whenever you feel the need to catch some extra zzzzz’s.

The only problem is you’re spending a crazy amount of time trying to figure out how to spread your message to more people.

And, you’re up to your eyeballs writing sales funnels and email newsletters; which means you’re not enrolling new clients or making more money.

Well I can help you hit the next level and

make more money than ever before.

You’re in the right place if:

  • You’re a successful employee who’s ready to ditch the corporate grind and finally start an online business,
  • An established entrepreneur who’s doing a complete rebrand, or,
  • Someone who’s ready to do the soul­searching and create life­changing coaching programs,
    I can help!

I’m Tepsi, and as a Business Coach and Copywriter, I offer strategy, consultation, and copywriting to help entrepreneurs ready to make serious moola online create the oh­so-coveted freedom lifestyle they’ve always dreamt of.


I’ve been a sought after professional writer in the corporate space for 12 years using my bachelor’s of science from a top university in New England to write scientific, engineering, aviation, and other technical documentation (SNOOZEFEST)!


For many years, I’ve been dying to merge my creative side with my work. So, after I had my third (and freaking-cute and freaking-final) baby girl I decided to get serious about creating a life of my own design. For me, this meant ditching the boring 9-to-5 where I was busy making someone else’s dreams come true.


Now, I’ve found my sweet spot; I get to help entrepreneurs by creating businesses they truly love. As a working mom of three and happy wife to a lucky guy (yup he’s the lucky one) my family is my life! Life revolves around my family and they fuel my entrepreneurial drive. Simply put, they’re my reason for everything (you’re more than likely to see them occasionally pop in while we’re working!)

Within my first two months in biz I made a cool $25k and left my corporate job. I retired my hubby in month four and moved back home (after 20­ something years away) to my dream location, South Africa.

My life hasn’t always been steady on cruise control, though. I lost my mom in a car accident when I was 14; was homeless, survived domestic abuse at the hands of my first husband; and, got divorced all before I was 22.

But you won’t catch me wallowing over all that because I’m still standing and still smiling. I’ve been able to move through and heal from those events because they don’t define me! Who wants a pity-party when they can throw a rockstar bash?

I believe in taking responsibility for my healing, my mindset, and my intentions.

My dynamic life experiences combined with my extensive professional training give me an intuitive ability to zoom in on your strengths and help you bring your ideal customer, products, and passion to life.

If you’re ready to stop spinning your wheels and step into the dream business you’ve always wanted, the time is now.

So, you’re ready right, Love?

…To change your life, make a mark on the world, and bring in lotsa moolah?

Well you’ve got a few options for how we can work together:

So, if you’re still reading my guess is that you’re curious to know more about how we’ll get along. Good, ‘cause I am too, hon!

We’ll be insta­BFF’s if:

  • Sarcasm is your friend and you’re a sucker for self-development work;
  • You don’t take yourself too seriously;
  • You dream of leaving a lasting legacy and serving for the greater good. (My big goals are to build a school and create an organization for young girls in South Africa); and
  • You’re all about taking action with an added boost from God, angels, the divine, or any other spiritual anchor you may hold close to your heart.

You’re here for a reason – because there’s no such thing as a mistake.

So if you want to just dip your toes in the water to experience working with me and getting a taste of all I have to offer, I totally understand. Click below to learn about my super affordable monthly membership site, Born to Convert!

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