5 copywriting tips to make your dream client scream yes

5 copywriting tips to make your dream client scream yes

Imagine your dream customer sitting on the other side of cyberspace all alone, struggling to make it through, and wishing there was someone to help her out.

You know you can help her, you know you want to help her, but the only problem is you’re wondering just how to communicate effectively.

That’s where copywriting comes in my love.

Good copy’ll have her nodding her head yes, yes yes; get her heart thumping so fast she’ll hear the beats in her head; and best of all, it’ll make her wallet fly open in the blink of an eye.

How do you get copy like that? Simple, baby. You listen, and you reflect! An intuitive understanding of your dream client is at the heart of every good piece of copy. Make it your life’s mission to tune in and understand her needs in a way that allows you to truly translate her unique language into a unique product or service (to end her struggle).

I don’t want you to suffer or do endless research to figure out how to get in her head!

Here are Five Easy Tips to Help You Understand Your Dream Client:

  1. Niche down – Focus on her and her alone. Think of her needs, her urges, her deep desires, her aches, her pains, her regrets, her dreams and so on. Zone in and resist the urge to want to serve everybody and focus on the one person you can truly help to transform.
  2. Spy On Her – Go online to her favorite hangouts – anywhere from blogs to Amazon to Facebook and search for anything related to your subject of expertise! Check out the comments section and save any comments that talk about struggling and overcoming a particular problem.
  3. Interview Her – Get a few of your dream clients on the phone and ask them what they’re struggling with. If you can’t interview her, get her to fill out a survey instead!
  4. Ask her leading Q’s to get some really rich A’s. These questions are designed to get her to tell you about her current (and crappy) situation as well as illustrate a picture of what success looks like for her. (Hint, honey this is a gold mine! You can design your packages/products around this)
    1. What are you struggling with right now when it comes to (insert your area of expertise/solution).
    2. What have you done to try to solve this problem?
    3. What’s stopping you from fixing this problem?
    4. What didn’t you like about the things you tried before?
    5. If you had a magic pill, and you could wake up different what would your dream scenario look like.
  5. Put yourself in the shoes of a copywriting pro (that means you should never-ever sit down to write copy blind!) A lot of us get really intimidated by that blasted blinking cursor. If you’re anything like me, you’ll feel that with every bounce in and out of vision it’s teasing, it’s taunting, and it’s daring you to write something meaningful (when it knows we’re frozen and can’t). I want you to #ForgettaboutFear using this pro-tip: Start out your web copy, blog posts, FB shares with a little template. Copy and paste your dream client’s words right onto your blank screen. Then it’s as simple as rewriting and tweaking the verbiage so that the language looks, feels, and sounds like you! Where ever she puts the word I, you can change to YOU. (Wanna see this in practice? If I get enough “Yeah Baby’s” in the comments I’ll post a tutorial!)

Now, go forth and implement. Then hurry back to let us know your results!