How to Write Better and Infuse Your Content with Personality

How to Write Better and Infuse Your Content with Personality

Are you an online entrepreneur who has trouble infusing your personality into your writing?

As an online entrepreneur who writes, speaks, or creates art – your personal brand is abso-freaking-lutely dependent on the way you write. No pressure, BUT…You aren’t just writing to let loose or do the verbal tango.

So Tepsi, the why the eff am I writing then? (Yeah I heard you say that – the magic of mindreading). You’re writing ’cause if you want to build a real biz and make the kinda money that helps you live fab and give back. You agree, right? Well then it’s crucial that you connect!

You hear me? It’s freaking crucial!

One of my private one-one-one clients has a big, loud, helpful, and inspiring message to spread. But, for the longest time she was hiding behind a shell and not putting her unique contribution out into the universe. I taught her these simple techniques and now she posts every-single-day without fail.

If you feel like you’ve been shooting blind with your posts to your blog, social media, or facebook stop sweatin’. We’re gonna fix that starting NOW! Watch this video, then comment below to tell me what you learned and how you’re gonna implement!

p.s. Before I drop the mic, I’m dropping notes so you can follow along, (cuz I’m nice like that)!

How to Write Better – 5 Ways to Infuse Your Online Content With Personality

1) Imagine you are chatting to a friend and make your writing flow with ease, just like you would in a casual conversation.

2) Record yourself and listen back later.

3) Use everyday language (not complicated jargon).

4) Forget all the rules.

5) Read your finished piece back very slowly and make edits!

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