Image: How to work with a copywriter

You’re trying to grow your business (duh, who isn’t?), so it’s a no-brainer that you should outsource the tedious tasks that you just can’t seem to get right!

If you’re newish to entrepreneurship than you might have no clue how to work with a copywriter. Well here’s your first clue, You’ll want to do your due diligence and interview plenty of candidates so that the people you hire fit your mission.

But honey, if you’re looking for premium help, then you should expect your potential candidates to also be rather picky when it comes to who they work with. In other words, quality service providers won’t just work with anyone!

Shocker: At this point in my business I have the pleasure of choosing who I work with. I like to make money, who doesn’t? But, I also gladly turn money down when someone isn’t quite ready for my services or they aren’t a good fit! I say “no” to a lot of potential clients that come my way. So if I say “yes” to you, then you my friend are one of the elite few.

How do I say “no” so easily? Well, I have faith that the right clients will come my way. If someone comes to me and they aren’t a great fit, I’m not afraid to say so. Or, I tell them what they need to do in order to work with me, and I gracefully tell them: “come back when you’re ready.”

Many of the people I turn away do come back – happy that the advice I provided worked, and ready to dive right in so they can get start converting more leads, making more money, and having more fun in their businesses!

Now, if you’re looking into hiring help then you’re probably interested in selling 1:1 services, group programs, info programs, or products – right?

My guess is that you have set your goals high, and you wanna make $100k or beyond in your biz.

If so, then you need killer sales and website copy! How do you get it? You hire a 6-figure Copywriter (with Soul) who writes copy that converts! But before you seek me out (lol, #humblehandup there) you need to be really freaking clear about what you want!

So what are some reasons I (or any other copywriter worth their salt) would say ‘no thanks’ to you and your benjamins?

1) You’ve just started your biz and you’re still figuring out your voice and your branding (messaging).

2) You’re uncertain of what you wanna sell, how you’re going to use your gifts, or how you are going to serve your market.

3) You haven’t done any relationship building or market research to figure out whether people are actually willing to buy what you’re selling!

4) You’ve done the research, you understand the market, but you haven’t actually taken the time to figure out how you work with people, what your programs and services are, what the time frames are for what you offer, what transformation you’ll take people on, what modules/courses you’ll be offering, etc. Do you get what i’m saying here? It’s all in the DETAILS baby!

5) You don’t know if you will be offering 1:1 services, group programs, or products. This is the difference between having a work with me page, a sales page, or a product page!

6) You have no PLAN. No Strategy. No Idea of what you’ll be doing in your business beyond this moment in time. You need to know a) what you want to achieve b) how c) by when, and d) what’s your strategy to get there?

7) You have no idea who your dream clients are, how they express their hurts/disappointments, the specific language they use, or what keeps them up at night (go back to the drawing board honey!)

8) You cannot tell me what you’re selling/offering in just one sentence! If it’s long-winded then trust me, I’ll get bored and start yawning (but I’ll stick with you). But your dream clients? Well, they’ll get to steppin’ you have just a split second to make a good impression.

9) You have never worked with anyone in your entire life! Do yourself a favor and get your first paying or pro bono client and perfect your art honey!

10) You have no testimonials to back up your claims. I have a Killer Testimonial Blueprint to help you organize and display your testimonials if you need one, but, no one wants to hire someone who just brags about who they are and what they do. Use testimonials to let your clients and colleagues speak on your behalf!

(BONUS – ’cause who doesn’t love a hot add-on?) You aren’t willing to do the work and you want the copywriter to help you figure things out without paying for the extra service. Things like your program deets, your products and services, etc. – honey those things are up to you!

Think you have all your ducks in a row and you’re ready to work with a professional copywriter? Head over to my Work With Me Page to find out how.

Also, feel free to comment down below to let me know why you do/don’t think you’re ready to work with a professional copywriter.