Time Management for Learning Junkies

Are you a learning junkie, course junkie, or information hoarder?


If so then this post is designed to take you from consumer to action taker!

Just like you, I’m obsessively-compulsively addicted to information. Call it a sign of the times – or – blame it on the a-a-a-ADHD! I’m laughing as I write this because, well, I’m calling myself out here! I was diagnosed with adult ADHD (inattentive type) and it’s probably magnified by all the multi-tasking and information consumption in which I happily (and unhappily) partake on the daily!

The thing is, I’m committed to the lifelong pursuit of learning. When I like something, I tend to get single-white-female about it! Before I know it I’m on a ravenous ride, eating up every piece of content. And, while I’m at it – I’m never satisfied and I never stop!

Sounds exhausting right? But right when I feel over saturated – move on. I’ll find something else and girl (or boy) y’know tha drill! I rinse, repeat, and do it all again! While I’m at it, I’m lovin’ it! I add up hobby after hobby (during my “free” time) and then let’s be honest, I’m a serial course-taker.

It’s been a fun ride. But, this year something had to give!

I’m a mom of three (when’d that happen?) and it’s time to put on my big boy britches (pisses me off when people talk about panties and ish – what about the boys and their britches?) and get honest about my reality.

More than anything I started this year with a real drive to become an entrepreneur and I’ve failed at this more times than I can count. Entrepreneurs can shake their money-maker, their PayPal accounts are stacked full of green, and they can rely on the income they make month to month.

So… I was a freaking fraud!

I had to wake up to the stark reality that although I was wearing the hat and answering to the name, I wasn’t really the business owner I was trumping myself up to be!

I’d consume,





fail, then

quit on the regular. (Quitting was the most exhausting part).

So – it was time to re-evaluate and boy did I resist while running away from the pain of change.

I had a pretty comfy day job, could finish my work in my sleep, and on top that – I was paid damn well.

I knew so many people who would do anything to have the job that I wanted to drop. For me that made it even worse. Every time I wanted to commit to myself and my business I’d think of the job, remember that chunky paycheck, and keep on playing games with my time!

One day, after some serious reflection, I made some vows to myself. First, I said no more information hoarding, no more downloading useless pdfs, and no more skipping around from topic to topic.

And then I bit the freaking bullet and did it! The shift from 2014 to 2015 lit a fire under my butt. Us junkies are notorious for learning and not implementing.

So this year I made a conscious decision to get real serious and find some strategies I could use to take me from a sponge to an action taker.

I felt like I’d learned enough business and life strategies to successfully get me through dozens of lifetimes; so it was time I started implementing some of this stuff!

I knew one of my greatest challenges was judgement. So I decided to replace any judgment I had around myself and my actions with thoughts of love for myself. I put reminders to do this on my phone, my computer, and my bedside. And you know what? It worked! For the first time in a long while, I’ve started to be nice to me! LOL


I still love to learn, I mean, I can’t stop myself, but I’m doing things a bit differently this year. Below are the top tips and strategies I’ve been using for the past few months to turn from a junkie into an action taker! Leave suggestions in the comments below if you think I’ve missed anything!

  1. Get a coach + join a master network of like-minded friends + an accountability buddy.  I COULD GO ON AND ON ABOUT THE MERITS OF A GOOD COACH. But I won’t that’s a post for another day!

  3. Create a Reference Book: I created a golden book of learning (it’s actually red lol) with a list of trainings I attended and key concepts for each course or webinar I purchased. I use it as a reference and page through it whenever I’m mulling over things.

  5. Consider How Much Your Time Costs: Now, before I purchase a new course or webinar, I look at the time I am going to invest vs. the benefit. I find myself being much more productive this way. If I choose to take another course, it’s gotta be something that will add value to the real business activities I am currently focused on.

  7. Finish Each Learning Activity Before Starting a New One: I created an evernote notebook with a list of all the short challenges and courses I have purchased. I made a priority list and I’m going through this list one at a time.

  9. Plan. Plan. Plan. I am complimenting my obsessive learning tendencies with careful planning. I diligently plan my daily learning time in my planner and track my progress to assess how I’m doing at the end of each day.

We’ve got 6 more action steps to this process. Curious about what they are so you can implement and crush it in your business? (I made 6 figures within my first 12 months and almost that in the last 8 months of business and I want to show YOU how!



To close this out I want to let you know that the key to turning this personality trap into an asset to propel myself
forward was twofold:

  • I accepted myself for who I am. Hey, I’m an info/learning junkie. That’s who I am. I need that mental stimulation to get through my day, and that’s not a bad thing! Which is lucky because it’s not gonna change,  it’s in my DNA.
  • I developed a plan to harness my obsession and make it WORK for me to achieve my goals! Once I took a hard look at my daily habits and accepted myself, I got to work finding tools and techniques to make that habit work FOR my goals instead of hindering them.


Now if I can do this, with my attention span already wandering to the next 3-day learning course, I KNOW you can figure out what’s holding you back and make it work for you!


What’s your obsession and how can it propel you forward? Tell me in the comments!


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