Have you ever looked at the prices other people in your niche are charging and wondered how the heck you can ever command such rates?

Well, I’m about to share how I went from charging $600 to charging $2200 for sales page copy (a rate I’ll be increasing again soon!)

A year ago I was a digital NOBODY.

No one knew my name, my face, or my brand. I was totally invisible and i felt pretty comfy hiding out while watching everyone else’s progress.

I used to feel down about that – hiding out can be a yucky feeling. BUT, I was learning, soaking up, and absorbing so much while I was watching everyone else. I was able to use what I observed to carve out a spot for myself and create a premium brand!

These days I “compete” for work with the best copywriters in the online market, but it’s by no mistake, I’ve used very strategic measures to get myself out there!

If you’ve been around me for any length of time you’ll know that I don’t believe in competition. There is more than enough abundance for all of us and that’s why I’m always happy to share my best tips with my #CopyBesties!

So, it’s time for you to cash in on that promise and find out the steps I took to create a premium brand.


First, I became incredibly visible

Now this one might have you rolling your eyes as you say to yourself:

“Ughh everyone talks about putting themselves out there and being visible online. But where the heck do I even start?”

Now you know I wouldn’t leave you hanging – so here are my best visibility strategies, friend:

  • I became omnipresent in Facebook groups where my ideal clients hang out. I posted tips and answered questions. They started to see and recognize my name.
  • I joined periscope as both a broadcaster and as a participant on other people’s scopes
  • I created Facebook ads geared towards generating likes for my business page that allowed me to be seen all the time. People would constantly see me in their news feed and send me screenshots of my ads as well as tell me that I was such a star. Now, being well-known is great, but it wasn’t about just putting up a pretty face – this strategy is one where I invested $1,000 and ended up making about 7-10k with new / repeat 1:1 clients.

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Next, I created exclusivity around working with me

Thing 1: I raised my rates.

Thing 2: I made working with me into an event for clients to be proud of!

I can hear the question you’re asking yourself right now. “How can you stop flinching and having an internal crisis when it comes to raising your rates?”

One word: Exclusivity.

A premium brand IS by definition: ELITE. It’s not gonna rock everyone’s boat. And that’s exactly what you want!

Here’s how I created exclusivity around my brand:

  • I only work with a small number of clients in any given time period.
  • I put an application process in place and there’s a chance you might not be accepted when you sign up!
  • I became internet famous – well in my niche, anyway. People get excited to meet me or talk to me. I get tons of requests for interviews and Joint Ventures and at live events people who are actually famous come up and say they’re excited to meet me!

And it doesn’t end there. By adopting an exclusivity mindset, I’ve been interviewed and featured at some pretty top notch places on the internet (ahem..HuffPost) and gotten a ton more quality clients that way as well!

I also became the Queen of social media

Yes, I reign (lol) but only on the platforms where I rock it

For me that’s two places: 1) Facebook, and 2) Periscope

One of the most exciting parts of my day is when I’m chatting it up with my #CopyBesties in our super engaged private Facebook Group.

My group allows me to bring my ideal clients under one roof and give them advice and tips on running and sustaining an online biz. This is also where I share exclusive content and value that I don’t give anywhere else. I’m talking everything from branding, marketing, time management, copywriting, and the ups and downs of entrepreneurship.

#CopyBesties is also where I share peeks into my life, my thoughts, and musings of the day. If you want to use this strategy effectively, you’ve gotta show your audience that you’re human.

And that’s where Persicope (and more recently Facebook Live) comes in!

Live streaming is the best thing since sliced bread, because I th-riivee on it! It gives me a chance to broadcast live and provide even more value to my audience. I pump my energy up and am so grateful for all of my ‘followers.’ After delivering killer content, I of course, funnel my viewers into the CopyBesties Facebook group where I can continue to give them TLC on a daily basis!


And lastly, and maybe most importantly, I worked on my mindset + belief in myself

Mindset is everything. If you don’t believe that you’re someone who can achieve a premier, exclusive, or elite brand then you WON’T.

Plain and simple!

I could talk mindset all day but really it boils down to affirmations, actions, and rituals.


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