The Unlikely Reason Clients Will Hire You

We’ve all seen her, that gorgeous entrepreneur,

She’s a polished lady with the perfect manicure, flawless skin, sleek shiny hair down to her butt, a to-do list a mile long, but a personality to match, so she gets it all done with time and energy to spare.

Her kids are perfectly behaved, her hubby is lovingly at her beck-and-call, she’s growing a team to help her in life and business, and because of that, her business is flourishing!

She never brags, but she’ll explain, when given a chance, that she effortlessly achieves 5 or 6-figure months and while watching her, you start to compare yourself.

WOAH NOW! Halt. Before you go and ask yourself “am I enough compared to her?”

I want you to remember a few details from behind the scenes.

The thing about that lady is that she truly doesn’t exist. What you’re seeing is a well-groomed, insta-worthy, pinterest-friendly collection of perfectly curated moments, images, and scenarios. (Yes your branding photography IS important, I’ve got those images too, see below)


(Tepsii’s ‘sleek’ branding photo, lol)

But real life is freaking messy.

While she may seem perfect from the outside, she might have one boob unceremoniously flapping about half the time while:

  1. nursing a baby,
  2. wrangling a toddler under foot who refuses to potty train,
  3. burning dinner on the stove, and
  4. client deadlines loom over her head.

(Does that sound like you? That surely was me while starting my online business in March 2015)

Here’s what I know to be true from the depths of my heart.

As long as you present your knowledge with authority and expertise, then show up on a regular basis, people will judge you by your substance, not your sleek exterior (or lack there of).

So make me a promise. No more claiming that because your life is colorful you don’t wanna show up.

Your mission is huge and your calling is loud.

I don’t want to hear that you’re still hiding because you’ve got a messy, smelly, or overwhelming situation. Stop hiding behind your logo, quit putting a fake name on social media, and crush the fear and self doubt that creeps in when you think “what if my neighbors find out that I’ve got an online business.”

If you’re wondering exactly how to put yourself out there with ease, you’re in the right place!

I’ve got a cure-all for those feelings you’re carrying around like a sack of potatoes weighed down with rocks on your back.

It’s called vulnerability. Vulnerability is the unlikely reason people will say YES to working with you.

People just want a piece of the real you. A piece of your stories. And a piece of your time.

 Your ideal clients wanna see you as you are. Yes you should have some nice branding photos taken, but if you can’t look like that every day it’s ok. People just want a piece of the real you. A piece of your stories. And a piece of your time. The day I started sharing who I truly am, I changed my life and business. I want the same thing for you. Will you say yes to your dreams and show your vulnerable side so that you can be visible?

If so, I want to invite you to take part in my complimentary challenge ‘From Vulnerable to Visible.’


Join over 200 women who’ve already said yes to taking the steps to go from Vulnerable to Visible in order to attract their ideal clients.

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  1. Amy

    Yesssssss! I love it. Boob- flapping and all!


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